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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page please call us during Office hours at (908)852-8588.

Do I need to bring anything with me when coming to the office?

Depending on your insurance you may need to bring with you a couple of items.  If you are due one, you will be required to bring your Co-Pay for payment at the time of service. In addition, if you are required to have a referral and do not have one, we will be unable to see you. Please realize that it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that these items are in order.


What Insurances does the office accept?

We accept most insurances. However because of the changing nature of the business we encourage you to check directly with the office if you are unsure about our participation. You should ensure that if you need referrals for your insurance that you have one prior to arriving for your appoinment.


Is there a long waiting list for procedure?

Compared to many other places our waiting times for procedures remain reasonable. We can usually set up appointments for colonoscopy within two or three weeks. Emergency cases may take precedence and are prioritized accordingly.


What should I expect when going to the hospital for a colonsocopy?

Our staff will guide you through the process. Preparation for colonoscopy is listed under resources elsewhere in this site.  Colonoscopies have become a common procedure in hospital outpatient departments and the staff are well rehearsed in caring for the patients and making the experience as comfortable as possible. The patient will usually be administered “conscious sedation” which will generally remove the patient’s awareness of the procedure, allowing it to be an acceptable encounter.


Will I feel unwell after the colonoscopy?

You may feel a somewhat woozy as you “come out” of the conscious sedation. Although this is not a deep anesthesia and recovery is fairly swift we still require that patients not drive themselves home after the procedure.


Is virtual colonoscopy better?

Although it remains a personal decision for some people the virtual colonoscopy fails in a couple of important ways. Firstly, if a polyp or some other finding appears on virtual colonoscopy it needs to followed by a real colonoscopy to treat further. Secondly, the virtual colonoscopy may miss flat lesions on the bowel wall which can be seen directly by the observer in a real colonoscopy.


Does the office send a report to my primary doctor?

Yes. We endeavor to stay in touch with the referring MD. A report of your encounter with our office with appropriate recommendations will be forwarded to your referring doctor’s office. In addition when appropriate the referring doctor will be telephoned.


What should I do if I feel I need to be seen sooner than my appointment?

If you feel that your situation requires a more urgent consultation you should call your primary care physician to discuss your situation with him or her. If they consider it is more urgent they should call our office and we will make every effort to accommodate the need. If you consider that you have an emergency situation and are unable to reach us or your primary MD you should endeavor to go to the nearest Emergency Room.



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